Meet The Master Coaches


Michael Savage

Coach Michael Savage has delivered results to his clients for over a decade. A graduate of  an ICF accredited coach training program, and seasoned Trainer, Facilitator and Coach in personal development – Michael delivers Master Coach distinctions and a simple and accelerated model to build a thriving coaching business.

Deborah Battersby

Deb Battersby has been coaching longer than there has been a profession called coaching. Master Trainer, Facilitator, coach and founder of the Emotional Matrix, Deb delivers groundbreaking frameowkrs that have you face the very things in coaching that most coaches avoid. She will deliver to you a framework to break through the pains and emotions that act as roadblocks to unlocking true human potential – and do so with elegance and grace.

You can learn more about Deborah HERE.


TamAra Bunte

Author of “The Proverbs of Selling” Tamara has been a national speaker and trainer for almost 20 years. She has transformed businesses from real estate to finance, and understands the TRUTH about selling your coaching and consulting services. Her sales truths and proverbs of wisdom will have you enrolling clients who are eager to work with you – all with integrity and heart.

You can learn more about Tamera and her work HERE.

Laurie Hubbs

Laurie Hubbs is a board certified coach, coach educator, licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor. Laurie coaches with a wide variety of clients from CEOs, performers, and professional athletes, to academics, housewives and business owners. As an educator, Laurie has taught in universities, corporations, Government agencies, and private education initiatives.

After many years as a counselor, Laurie began working with Robbins Research International where she discovered her love for the field of coaching and human development. Laurie’s wealth of experience and high-level coaching keep her in high demand for her services as a coach, workshop facilitator and educator.

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Valerie Santiago

A graduate of the College of William & Mary, Valerie Santiago has mastered the art and skills necessary to create change in her clients. She is a Master Yogi, and genius in energy and nutritional work as well as health & fitness coaching. She is bi-lingual and delivers a fresh perspective in modern coaching.

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