CORE Coach is a community of coaches who look at what we do as a powerful profession and a force to be reckoned with. Every life coach training school teaches the basic core competencies in coaching.  CORE Coach delivers those, and much more. We are changing the world and how it thinks by introducing coaching into the lives of people and organizations that are ready for change.


Foundations of coaching

A Solid foundation in the art and science of coaching is key to being a professional coach. The Coaching Master Class is accelerated approaches to foundational core competencies, helping you and your clients see real results. The boot camps and certification courses are taught by coaches with decades of experience.

Your foundation begins by doing what coaches do best; asking quality questions towards clarity. Your questions will be answered and a clear vision of who you are as a coach will be awakened within you.  

the business of coaching

Coaching is a serious business. Harvard Business Review estimates that coaching is now a billion dollar a year industry. The question is; are you taking your share of that? This is about building your approach in coaching through the lens of being a Professional. Not a part time coach and teacher, not a part time coach and trainer, not a part time coach and network marketer... your profession is COACHING. A career and business helping others live their best life, there is no finer calling. 

A path to certification

We believe in professional certification. In an industry that is rapidly changing and growing, your credentials will carry even more weight in the very near future. TRUE, a credential alone does not mean you deliver results. CORE Coach will help you seek the best options for coaching certification out there - from the traditional and well established International Coach Federation (I.C.F.) which offers your PCC, ACC, and MCC level certifications, to the Board Certified Coach (B.C.C.) with the National Board of certified counselors. You will have clarity to make the right decision regarding certification.

Destiny is no matter of chance.
It is a matter of choice. It is not a
thing to be waited for, it is a thing
to be achieved.
— William Jennings Bryant


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MEET The Master Coaches

A class fit for leaders - because leaders go first.

The Master Class will be held in Sunny Orlando, Florida in "the briefing room". This state of the art facility is where Heads of State converge during times of chaos. You will enjoy a unique environment with an exclusive opportunity to learn and immediately practice advanced coaching skills. You will master the ability to guide your clients to faster results, while navigating through our sometimes chaotic world. 

There is no venue more fitting to learn how to deepen your skills and strengthen your foundation as a leader in the Professional Coaching world.  

Beginning Friday afternoon, you will immediately immerse yourself into advanced content and a whole lot of coaching. Remember that all growth happens outside of your comfort zone, especially as a Life or Business coach, manager, leader, speaker, H.R. Professional, or counselor. If you're asking clients to get uncomfortable in order to grow, then you must be willing to do the same for yourself.  This in an environment of trust, master skill and deep encouragement. Our instructors are highly trained Mentor Coaches who produce results and make well over six figure incomes in coaching today. Their commitment is to guide you in doing the same.

CORE: Coaching Master Class

May 6th-8th 2016

3-day Intensive
Master Instructors
Real Time Feedback
Deepen your skills
Build your business


Event Logistics & Infoformation

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Event information

CORE: Coaching Master Class



Hyatt Regency
Orlando, Fl

Time & Dates:

Day 1
Friday, May 6th 3:00pm

Day 2
Saturday May 7th, 9:00am

Day 3
Sunday May 8th, 9:00am

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