CORE: Coaching Master Class



The Coaching Industry is transforming. No longer considered an obscure or light form of therapy – the world is embracing coaching as a profession. The results that individuals and organizations are experiencing and benefiting from are quantifiable and show improvement to individuals and the bottom line in organizations.

At CORE Coach we believe that Mastery of CORE principles and competencies in coaching is the differentiation between the MANY who dabble and the few who truly are MASTER COACHES. So what does it take to become a Master Coach?

Our pure content promise:

While the Master Class is not our only offering
we will not be up selling or making other offers at Master Class.

At CORE: Coaching Master Class – you will have the opportunity to learn what it really takes to Master Coaching and truly position yourself as a professional in the career of coaching. Every instructor at CORE is an active Master Coach with an active client load of real coaching clients. You will learn from some of the best in the industry.

Schedule & Curriculum:


Beginning Friday evening, a panel of coaches will deliver the “State of the coaching industry” to help you understand where it is today and the training and experience necessary to separate yourself form the herd. You will know the CORE PRINCIPLES IN THE BUSINESS OF COACHING be the end of the evening. Clarifying your identity and purpose in this work – as a Professional – is the goal.


Saturday you will learn, experience, and also try on coaching skills that accelerate results in coaching. Master coaches will deliver frameworks to help you feel what Masterful coaching truly is. The Bootcamp will deliver cutting edge approaches to help you go deep where many coaches go running. Each module will be an experiential process and you will have real feedback from Mentor Coaches. Be ready for some EXERCISES that stretch you and give you new perspectives to coach with.


Sunday you will continue on the skills and tools of Masterful coaching – deepening your work in the CORE COMPETENCIES of coaching. We will shift gears back to the business of coaching and invite a guest speaker who will share a sales and enrollment model that works for anyone titled: The Proverbs of Selling. We will integrate the weekend together and celebrate our new learning.

Beyond the foundations of COaching

CORE Coach certification is a boutique size coaching academy taking small, specialized groups from beginning foundational training through to certification. For more information on the next certification class please check in with us at